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Cape Town Carnival



 Cape Town Carnival is a street parade that takes place in March every year and thousands of people (international and local) come together to watch the colourful extravaganza. This spectacular event takes place along the Green Point parade route and it is a celebration that showcases the diversity of Cape Town’s people and cultures.

The event features 50 or more energetic performance groups from different communities. Expect giant puppets, dazzling floats and flamboyant costumes.

To start this immersive experience, we will transfer to the event like a local by taking or own privatised South African Taxi’s (mini buses). With loud and “lekker” (fun) music blaring, this a very amusing and unique local way to travel and very much part of our culture.
We will arrive at the parade in the early evening and will be directed to our VIP area where we will be seated to enjoy the spectacle. For those that are hungry and eager to experience local flavours of Cape Town, vendors will be selling food and drink throughout the carnival.

Cape Town Carnival is so much more than just a one day event… it involves a lot of hard work and determination from the local community. The event generates local participation by encouraging creative skills development where individuals assist in making costumes, floats and decorations. Through the event they also produce jobs, build networks and create awareness to a wide variety of communities.

Once you have experienced this, you will truly understand why South Africa is called “The Rainbow Nation”.

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